Get to know your artist

Yarrow Mazzetti is a highly focused and multifaceted architect. During his short life he has been privileged to study under three master craftsmen. His first experience was creating a home for his wife, Nova. Yarrow built Casa Nova (To rent Casa Nova visit ) on Mexico's Baja Peninsula under the tutelage of Maxamilliano Hernandez Ponce. Mr. Ponce has his specialty in concrete structures. His repertoire includes everything from Coliseums to thirty story high rises in Mexico City. Yarrow's work ethic and dive for excellence have enabled him to continue his work with Maxamilliano to this day, they have most recently built Casa Campana; you can visit Casa Campana at

Yarrow's lessons began again when he moved to the North West where he worked under Jarin Lindsey. Jarin is an absolute master in the long lost art of timber framing. Timber framing requires cutting a series of interlocking mortise and tendon joints in large timbers and pegging them together with wooden dowels, this is an ancient process requiring no nails. Together, Jarin and Yarrow carved and assembled the Kranzler Dojo southern most point on Pender Island in the Canadian San Juans.

The first two teachers Yarrow trained under helped him gain the base skills to create any type of building. However the most recent person he had the opportunity to learn from was master designer and builder, Santo Cominos. Santo's incredible attention to detail helped to show Yarrow the finer points of creating architectural art, not just buildings to be occupied. Santo is a big fan of mixing a plethora of mediums including: wood, metal, stone, concrete, tile and glass. Each medium being used for the very best qualities beauty, strength, durability and practicality to the specific job at hand. Working under Santo enabled Yarrow to combine the trainings he had received from Jarin and Maxamilliano, to become a well-rounded artistic craftsman. The proof of Yarrow's newly obtained skills comes in the form of the incredible furniture. Furniture building is the true test for of any craftsman. The goal of furniture building is to create a piece of art that stands the tests of time, while simultaneously emanating a mood appropriate to the theme or feeling of the room. The detail, precision, tedium, and amount of time required for furniture building is truly testing. The tool box Yarrow has built for himself is a perfect example of a piece of furniture that is functional and will stand the two tests of time, style and durability.

In 2006 and 2007 Yarrow's skills were put to the test when he was asked to design and build an addition on to New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro in Talent Oregon. The goal for New Sammy's was to create an ambiance equal to the truly amazing food and wine served. The mood within New Sammy's was achieved through the creation of a unique sand blasted beam ceiling, textured copper tables, stain glass light fixtures that give off a subtle yet pleasing amount of light, and the use of a combination of colors whose effect immediately set guests at peace.