Your Builder Speaks

Your project starts as an idea, floating, abstractly in your mind. For your idea to become a reality you must condense these ideas to be manipulated and formed. This formation is where I, as your designer and builder, can help you.

I’m willing to sit down with a person or group and brainstorm their projects. This process helps bring designer and client together on a number of different aspects. My ability to mix and match many different mediums allows me to make distinctively unique pieces for all of my clients. First, we will get a general idea of what your specific needs are. It is important to me, to match your project with your personality, this step is crucial in creating your unique idea. We will go over the different elements that will bring out the unique character of your project: wood, metal, stone, concrete, tile, glass, etc. Then finally your budget. These conversations help us to get to know each other and the project at hand. Enabling me to design and build a beautiful functional extension of your ideals.

My goal as a designer is to create space alive with feeling. I enjoy manifesting things that people can interact with throughout time, while the architecture style of them never becomes dated or out of style. Good architecture will complement its surroundings, in regards to local shapes, colors, textures, lines, and materials.

design_2.jpgThe raw materials composing an object are in essence what it is. Assembling different materials in a structured fashion is how things are created, may they be purely functional and or beautiful. These raw materials are truly what your project is. It is my belief that one should not skimp on the quality of the raw materials that are coming together to create their project. Never shall cheap insufficient materials compromise the structural integrity of one of my projects. Now  this doesn’t mean throwing away money or resources on over building. I believe in building things strong with the  intent to last. The lasting quality of my projects adds to their mystique and guarantees a treasured piece of art for generations to come.

If you like what I have done and need something designed and or built then you should contact me by email (Phone # 509-429-4416). Projects of all sizes will be considered from small pieces of furniture to Dream home estates.