Developing a plan for success is the most important aspect of beginning an architectural project. Creating a contract enables both the architect and customer to be clear about their intentions. Investing a little more time in the planning period ensures that all parties involved will fully understand the process that is about to begin. A clear concise written plan makes sure there are no surprises and everyone wins. However, it is understood that people change their minds and often better design ideas present themselves during the construction process. This is why changing the plan is a possibility if a new idea comes to mind.
The process of changing the original plan is similar to how it was created in the first place. Every detail must be written out and both parties must agree and sign the papers. There is a cost to these changes: preparing drawings, paperwork, and the ordering of new materials. Changing can be an expensive choice but as long as the details are clear and a new contract is signed there should be no problem. However, if a dispute should arise our policy is to handle problems in a calm, collected, open manner, and if necessary with a mediator.